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Ayurveda, called a ‘Science of Life’, originated in India 5,000 years ago. It is a system of healing that works with the Laws of Nature to create health and balance – a state where body, mind, emotions and spirit harmonize in perfection. Based on the principle that the body will heal itself if imbalances are corrected and maintained, Ayurveda relies on the use of herbs and oils and some minerals for therapeutic use. In Ayurvedic theory, individuals are composed of five basic elements: air - associated with the nervous system, fire - with metabolism, water – with body fluids, earth - with the minerals that make up bone and muscle, and space which is everything that holds the body together. The predominance of elements make up three primary constitutions (body-mind types) in individuals. In Ayurveda, these are called ‘doshas’. They are called, Vata which has air as the predominant element; Pitta with fire predominant, and Kapha with earth and water predominant. Although individuals tend toward showing dominant characteristics of a primary dosha, all three doshas exist to some degree in most people. Any of the three doshas can be taken out of balance at any time, in any individual. When someone shows the characteristics of having a dosha out of balance, in Ayurvedic tradition, specifc herbs and oils are used in varied ways that will help correct the imbalance to once again bring the body, mind, emotions and spirit into a harmonious state. In Ayurveda, one of the keys to longevity, health and correcting and maintaining balance of the doshas is through massage. Typically, self massage is done every morning for maintenance. The primary reasons for this are: to eliminate toxins or imbalances; to purify; to rejuvenate; and to maintain health and strength. Dosha-balancing body oils play a key role in the massage therapy. Each dosha oil is formulated with traditional base oils, herbs and essential oils that specifically work in harmony to support an ideal balance for the dosha of the particular oil used. For example, if someone is experiencing out of balance symptoms for the vata dosha, they would select the Vata Balance Herb Oil. The same would follow if out of balance symptoms are present for the Pitta or Kapha doshas. We have formulated dosha-balancing body and massage oils according to traditional knowledge. The oils may be used for full body or foot massage, for general body moisturizing or applied to energy points.

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